Metal Matt

Ever since the days of high school, heavy metal music has been a passion of mine. It all started because of a random discovery through Pandora. I found a band called Hammerfall who is my favorite of all time and ever since then I have discovered a plethora of bands. Heavy metal has become a deep passion of mine as I enjoy finding new bands and also attending live concerts. I find the aggressiveness, speed, and instrumentation to be amazing as the genre itself is full of amazingly talented musicians. I personally love vocals the most and I enjoy finding bands with vocalists who can hit a high vocal range.

This website will cover everything from underground band recommendations to blog posts and info on future concerts I wish to attend. I may also write my own articles about a band I want to talk about and share with the world. This website is initially intended for fellow metalheads, but I also invite anyone who doesn't know much about the genre to explore my site and learn more. Maybe I can inspire some of you to start listening to the genre as well. I hope this website serves as an educational yet exciting experience, and I hope you enjoy.

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